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Business commercial

Composition of the base capital by December 31st, 2004:

Total assets of the Company 9.956.224 BAM
1. Total capital and reserves 9.670.090 BAM
2. Total profit 6.367.893 BAM
3. Total expenditure 5.551.320 BAM
4. Pre-tax profit 816.573 BAM

In total profits the biggest attendance is alluded to premium insurance policies which participate with 83,37 percent and which indicate an increase of 5 percent compared to elapsed year.

In total expenditure 33 percent – the biggest participations have liquidated damages in 2004 in amount of 1.840.583 BAM.

During 2004, like the past years, Camelija JSC, by the amount of portfolio, is ranged as a small company, but in accordance with fund steadiness, in the range of the most steady insurance companies.

Due to financial indices, which are made by „Agencija za nadzor“, a supervision organ, and which are announced in the Bulletin of the supervision organ, Camelija Insurances is ranged as follows (in line of 18 insurance companies):
PROFITABILITY (pre-tax profit margin)
LIQUIDITY (ability to pay of all liabilities)3
SOLVENCY (self-financing) 4

All indices are verified by an independent revisor in the yearly report of an independent revisors institution:
REVIK LLC Sarajevo
REVISION, ACCOUNTANCY AND CONSULTING Sarajevo, Branilaca Sarajeva 20, Tel./Fax : (387) (33) 200-383 and 660-571.
E-mail: revik@bih.net.ba
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