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1. We accomplished a revision of the arranged financial reports of Camelija JSC Biha? (in the broader „Company“), shown on pages 3 to 26, which contain the balance report through December 31st, 2007; success balance, report of capital amandments and monetary course report for the year that ended, as also a brief review of important accountancy politics and other notes beside the financial reports.

The Administration's responsibility to financial reports

2. The administration is responsible to prepare and fairly present the attached financial reports consistent to International standards of financial reporting. The administration's responsibilities involve: design, retrieve and maintain interior control related to preparing and fair presenting of financial reports which don't contain materially important mistakes, like imposture or mistaking; choosing and literal application of relevant accountancy politics and giving rational accountancy rates in given conditions.

The revisor's responsibility

3. Our responisbility is to express our opinion of attached financial reports based on our revision. We made the revision consistent to the International standards of financial reporting. The named standards long to deal consistent to ethical codes, to plan the revision and to handle it rational to be sure that the financial reports don't contain materially important mistakes.
The revision includes application of operations according to which we collect revision-evidence about sums and other information contained in financial reports. Which operation to chose, depends on the revisor's assessment, and it also includes the risk-rate of materially important false preview of financial reports, as result of imposture or mistaking. In risk-scaling the revisor scales interior controles, which are relevant for assembling and objective presenting of financial reports, to determine appropriate revision operations and not to express his opinion about the efficiency of interior controles in the Company. The revision also includes evaluation of relevance in applied accountancy politics and important rating of the Administration and also a preview of the financial reports in full.
We are conviced that the revision arguments we made, are sufficient and appropriate to express our opinion.

Our opinion

4. We think, that the financial reports show, in all materially important facts, the objective financial position of „CAMELIJA“ JSC BIHA? through December 31st, 2007; as also the results of their business activity and changes in monetary courses for the year that ended, consistent to the Internatuonal standards of financial reporting and „Podzakonski akti Agencije za nadzor osiguranja Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine ( '' Službene novine FBiH'', broj : 80/06 )“ – Legal acts of Insurance supervision agency of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Official paper of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina No.80/06.

REVIK d.o.o. Sarajevo

Safet Proho, director

Edin Udov?i?, licensed revisor

Sarajevo, March 26th, 2008

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